Wedding and Location

{Mr & Mrs Finster – MARRIED!} Kansas City Wedding Photographer

Hello friends!

Watch out, this is a long one!

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Aaron and Ashley for a little over a year now. I met them both separately, Aaron working at a local TV station that my band was interviewed on a while back, and Ashley just happening to be a part of the church I recently joined. Every day, the world keeps getting a little smaller, don’t you think?

Walking through the wedding process with them and getting to know them better has been super sweet. I liked them both separately already, but honestly, love them together! Ashley is such a tough, vibrant, and beautiful soul, and Aaron has such a calming presence, it’s truly lovely to see them interact and balance each other out in all of the best ways.

Thank you both, so much, for allowing me to shoot this beautiful day for you. I’m so excited that you found each other after such a long and crazy road, and I’m so pumped for your future together! CONGRATS MR AND MRS FINSTER!
Oh, and Happy Birthday to Ashley!




What Aaron says about Ashley: I think she is the perfect balance and compliment to me as I am usually quiet and a planner while she is a fun adventurous spirit who likes to live in the moment. She always has me laughing with a smile on my face. I think she is absolutely beautiful and she is very sweet and caring.



What Ashley says about Aaron: There is so much that I love about Aaron! He is so so thoughtful and caring. He puts his needs and wants aside to make sure that I am happy and cared for. He is very patient and loves me for who I am.











Cake: Price Chopper
Catering: Premier Catering of Kansas City
Ceremony/Reception Venue: Christ Community Brookside / 28 Event Space
Dress: Mia’s Bridal
Florals: Price Chopper
Hair/Makeup: Hair: Megan Leanne,  Makeup: Ja Jones
Second shooter: Courtney Tompson Photography



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