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{Kelby and Launa – parents-to-be!}

Hey friends!

I had the opportunity to do a maternity shoot for a previous couple of mine. I shot their gorgeous Colorado wedding last year in Telluride, and the location did not disappoint!

For the maternity shoot, we went down to English Landing Park in Parkville, MO. There was a lovely sunset and with a beautiful park we had so much to work with! Launa is such a GORGEOUS momma-to-be and I was so excited to take these photos for her and Kelby!



What are you both most excited about with baby Hopkins?
L: Finding out if we’re having a boy or girl and seeing their little face for the first time
K: I am most excited about growing our family together and finding out if it’s a boy or a girl.


What are you most looking forward to in being a parent?
L: Going on the adventure; seeing our family grow and learn together as this new adventure begins.
K: Family vacations and holidays!


Team boy or team girl?

(I’m with Launa on this one but it’ll be exciting either way!)


What is your biggest hope and best piece of advice for baby Hop?
L: My biggest hope is that the baby doesn’t limit itself to anything lower than what they dream of becoming. My best advice is to be grateful, thankful, and joyful in everything that you do.
K: I think my biggest hope for baby Hop is to grow up with a passion whatever it may be, to find something to love and most importantly to respect people and the things life has to offer. As for advice, knowledge is power. Faith and respect are important.

G88A8236G88A8352I wish you guys all of the very best as you embark on this new adventure together! You’ve got this!

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