Hey friends!

This is a bit of a different post than normal (also, be sure to check out the contest we are in at the bottom of this post)!

I’d like to introduce my band, OLIVIA FOX.

G88A5534G88A5163G88A5370 copyG88A5336 copyG88A5434

I’ve LOVED getting to work with these talented ladies for the last few months getting our EP ready for release (keep checking back to our website to see when we are performing next).
Side note: I was able to be a part of the planning and execution of this photoshoot, along with being IN it as well! It was SO MUCH FUN!

If you’d like to check us out, please visit out website here.

We also have a Facebook and Instagram, if you’re interested!

***We are currently in a contest to get to perform with the one and only Brandi Carlile! This is a once in a lifetime kind of opportunity for us, and we would be so honored if you voted for us! We would be forever grateful if you took the 10 seconds it takes to click HERE and vote for us!***

Happy Monday and have a BEAUTIFUL week!


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