Wedding and Location

{Brian + Jessica – Married!} – Kansas City and Destination Wedding Photography

*warning: this is a longer post than usual! 😀

Hi guys!

I am honored to have known Brian and Jess for years – Jess is one of my dearest friends (more like a sister), and somehow God aligned the stars for us to be able to meet and be roommates in college for a short season –  one of my favorite times in life! She is an INCREDIBLE and STRONG woman, one I’ve always looked up to (not just because I wasn’t blessed vertically); her faith in God is truly inspiring.

Brian has been in Jess’s life for quite a while, and it’s amazing how well these two compliment each other. Their story has been unfolding for years, and it’s really been amazing to watch. He has such a servant’s heart for others. Brian actually bought a ring for Jess 8 years ago, knowing that someday God would bless him with my beautiful friend, forever! God is so very faithful, and their story is such a testament to that.

I just need to mention that sunshine was prayed for over this day for weeks beforehand as it was an outdoor wedding, and the sun came out just in time to shine over their entire wedding ceremony. Also, it was supposed to rain all day, and only ended up starting to rain right as the reception was ending. Couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day!

I wish you guys both all of the very best and am so honored that you chose me to capture your day, and am also incredibly blessed to call you friends.

Love you both!




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