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{Ethan + Ruby – Expecting!} – Kansas City Wedding and Portrait Photography

This is a great story!

I met Ethan through my brother. Well… kind of!
My brother is a phenomenal drummer and years ago while we were both still living at home with the folks, I was thinking of ways to encourage him toward drumming in a band (he talked about wanting to be in a band quite a bit), so of course, I looked to Craigslist.
I sent him several links of people looking for a drummer for their band and one in particular ended up working out…and of course, this was the band Ethan was a part of! While the band didn’t end up working out long-term, my brother and Ethan’s friendship did. Ethan is a really solid friend. He ended up being my brother’s roommate for a while, and is honestly just a part of our family now.
So, I’d like to think I made all that happen… 😀
Fast forward a little bit, and Ruby came into Ethan’s life. This girl is beautiful! We all enjoy her being around, and I really admire her quiet strength.
And now, they have Thach! He was born on my dad’s birthday, October 27th, and is adorable!

Congratulations, you guys, on your little pirate! 😀 Love you both.



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