Wedding and Location

{Zach and Caite – Married!} Kansas City Wedding Photography

I’ve known Zach and Caite since highschool, but was really able to get to know Caite better through one of our earlier jobs together at Red Robin. She has always been such a positive and wonderful person to be around and not to mention fun!

I’ve been able to get to know Zach through Caite, but it has truly been a joy for me to get to know them together. They are SUCH a fun-loving couple, and it was beautiful watching their eyes light up when they were with one another.

Bottom line, it was great being able to walk alongside these two on their wedding day!

Caite and Zach – Congratulations! I wish you both the best!



(click on any photo to see a larger slideshow)






Aubrey Erin Photography, Kansas City Wedding Photographer

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