{The Berry Family!} Kansas City family photography

Gosh. So, I have known this family since before any of their kids were even around (does that make me old?)!
I LOVE the Berrys! I can remember way back when I was a kid at church and Clay was a youth leader for the middle and high school groups… we would play “crab soccer” (may or may not be worth youtube-ing 😛 ) in church or go laser-tagging and having near-death experiences with Clay’s crazy driving… And April! April was the group leader for the girls in my grade and stuck with us through the entirety of high school. Her wisdom through those crucial years were invaluable to me. Clay and April’s kids are all so sweet and funny and all very unique as well. Bottom line, this family is STELLAR. Not only are they a blessing to others and fun to be around, they are just plain cool.
I must add this side note: We all proved that rain can’t ruin a shoot! The rain was coming down pretty hard when we were on the train tracks… 🙂

Enjoy, friends!

Aubrey Erin Photography
Kansas City Photographer

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