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{Mr. & Mrs. Stidham!} – extended blog post!

Hey friends!

I seriously loved this wedding. Besides the extreme heat, it was beautiful, heartfelt and as an added bonus, I was surrounded by friends! The Stidham’s had an romantic and rustic wedding lathered with personal touches. Their ceremony and reception both took place at the Journey Home out in Dearborn Missouri. This venue is AMAZING. So much natural light! Instead of describing the whole thing, I’ll show you how I best can – through pictures! 🙂 ENJOY!

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Love the decor they chose… I might have to make a post just for this!aubreyerinphoto.com

And…thought I’d throw in one of the ring bearer…talk about ADORABLE!aubreyerinphoto.com

Aubrey Erin Photography
Kansas City Wedding Photographer

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