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{Matt, Susie, and Chloe! – Sneak peek} – Kansas City Family Photography

I’ve been so excited to be busy this fall with family photo sessions! One shoot I’ve been particularly excited about was that of my life-long friend Susie and her little family. I have been blessed to know Susie my ENTIRE life. We have literally been through life’s hardest trials and greatest triumphs together. It’s impossible to put into words how persevering our friendship has been, so I will just say that I am thankful and blessed to be able to call her friend, still, 27 years later.
I’d also like to introduce her main man Matt. He is a breath of fresh air to be around, is driven in life, and loves my friend! This is so apparent and it seriously makes my heart smile to see them together!  Oh! I can’t forget Chloe! That little ball of energy! I can’t believe how grown up she is already. I think she’ll always be a tiny two year old in my head.
All right, enough of the mushy-stuff (even though I really enjoy it), enjoy the sneak peek! 🙂


Love you guys!

Aubrey Erin Photography
Kansas City Photographer

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