{The Ruepke Family – Sneak peek!} Kansas City Family Photography

I have had the pleasure of knowing this family for a couple years now (before Keegan made his grand appearance!), and I truly admire their strength, courage, and faith as they have had many difficult life struggles thrown their way.  Kurt and Amy’s first son was born with Albinism, and has already blown through milestones in his first year of school. He’s adjusting to the new routine wonderfully and is SO SMART! Their second son Keegan was born with a congenital heart defect and had open heart surgery a mere week after he was born. His recovery was quicker than what doctors had seen before (I blame this on the mass amount of prayers sent their way :), and now he is a perfectly healthy and happy little boy! Not to mention a little flirt; one bat of those eyelashes and it’s game over! I’m so blessed to call these genuine people friends.
Love you guys! Enjoy the preview!

Aubrey Erin
Kansas City Photographer

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